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Founded by Martha Buttress, TABLE | du | TEMPS was established as a sustainable outlet for those seeking affordable antique / artisanal tableware, with heaps of character, to bring their home interiors to life.


Martha enjoys discovering the story behind an object; its sentimental nature and our connection to it, alongside its origins and age.


The rise in mass produced homeware by high street, fast fashion brands, can involve use of off-shore manufacturing, with inexpensive materials, alongside cheap labour, which has a negative

impact on the quality and longevity of these products for the consumer. 

With this in mind, the antique items sourced by T | d | T are specially handpicked / curated

to highlight the beauty of different interior trends over time. All the items date from 1930s onwards.


If you need help styling a special occasion / event, simply drop us an email

and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. 


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